Sometimes, things feel skewed.

In each of the houses, there are moments when the performers push back against the piece, agitating for a change, an addition, a subtraction.

Here’s an email exchange from last week that led to a change in the final section:
From:     Tobie Hoffman <>
Subject:     more on rehearsin’
Date:     August 27, 2012 10:41:08 PM EDT
To:     Andrew Simonet <>


Such a lovely lively party and a great group of households you all chose. I’m impressed (once again)

Oddly though, I felt somewhat sad afterwards and have been thinking about why. I have been feeling that my piece is so very tres Me centered, without showing that I am very connected to my family like the other households are to theirs. My family just doesn’t happen to live in my house. That they don’t show up in the dance or stories keeps the piece from being complete for me.

In one of our Visions improvs the other day Amy started to list what she saw in the room. The things on the wall are very important to me and in fact I insisted they stay up when the space was being rearranged because there are pictures of my family, a painting my father did, stuff I’ve collected traveling, and some other photos that have stories that make my house my home.

I was thinking of redoing the verbal part of the Longing section with some version of listing what I see.

An idea to chew on.

See you Tuesday

Tobie Hoffman




From: Andrew Simonet []
Sent: Tuesday, August 28, 2012 1:51 PM
To: Hoffman,Tobie
Subject: Re: more on rehearsin’

it was so great to get together with everybody. cant wait to do it again with the bosticks.

i hear you about the families question. and if it’s worth adding some text in, we can certainly do it.

(we are making A tobie hoffman piece, not THE tobie hoffman piece. it won’t ever feel definitive, nor should it. but if it feels skewed, that’s worth addressing…..)

amy and david will be there at 6:30 tonight to rehearse. i’ll be writing light cues with the mcqueens!






From:     Tobie Hoffman <>
Subject:     RE: more on rehearsin’
Date:     August 28, 2012 1:57:26 PM EDT
To:     Andrew Simonet <>

Skewed is a good word. Missing my mom, I guess. I’ll play you the song I wrote for her some time.

I’ll see if David has any comments seeing it for the first time.

Will miss ya.